Unclaimed Freight Company and Liquidation Sales Inc., all began just 43 years ago—by a Lancaster county native. Since the year of 1971, Unclaimed Freight has been welcoming consumers with friendly greetings and even more friendly savings! Today, the company has grown and expanded into a full-line furniture store reaching several counties and beyond. Our company currently has stores located in both Lancaster and York Counties ,with the Corporate Headquarters being in Lancaster, PA.

Our mission here at Unclaimed Freight is to not only satisfy consumer furniture needs, but also to give our customers a five-star experience while visiting our showroom locations. We pride ourselves on making sure that each customer has been treated with the utmost respect, while finding exactly what they have been looking for. In addition to having over four generations of dedicated patrons, we also welcome new customers and bargain-hunters from all over the country with open arms!  Unclaimed Freight will help you find the perfect fit for your budget and lifestyle. Our huge showrooms (37,500 Sq. Ft., Lancaster; 20,000 Sq. Ft., York) are filled with a wide variety of items in all price ranges.  In addition to our over-sized furniture gallery, our showrooms also carry smaller items such as sheet sets, comforters, throw pillows, small kitchen appliances, and decorating accessories---for all your household needs!

There is so much in store at your friendly Unclaimed Freight Company and Liquidation Sales Inc. Just one step into our showroom, will open up a world of possibility for your home and more! Come visit us and join the generous amount of happy customers who found their perfect furniture fit at Unclaimed Freight – We’ll be seeing you soon!

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