Just to let you in on a little secret, we are one of the largest dealers of manufacturer bankruptcies and closeouts, dealer refusals, factory over stocks and refused containers in Southern Pennsylvania. We, the buyer, receive high-quality merchandise at under wholesale cost and then sell it to you, the consumer, at an affordable price, and we are presently stocked through the roof with too much merchandise to advertise!

York            4585 West Market St.
                                         Mon-Fri 9-9 • Sat 9-6 • Sun-Closed

                                          ( 717) 792-3502

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Why are We calledUnclaimed Freight?
3019 Hempland Road, Lancaster, PA - Mon-Fri 9-9 | Sat. 9-6 | Sun. 12-5 pm
 4585 W. Market Street - Mon-Fri 9-9 | Sat. 9-6 | Sun.-Closed
Lancaster          3019 Hempland Rd. Lancaster, PA, 17601
                                      Mon-Fri 9-9 • Sat 9-6 • Sun 12-5 pm

                                      (717) 397-6241
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