we are one of the largest dealers of manufacturer bankruptcies and closeouts, dealer refusals, factory over stocks and refused containers in Southern Pennsylvania. We, the buyer, receive high-quality merchandise at under wholesale cost and then sell it to you, the consumer, at an affordable price, and we are presently stocked through the roof with too much merchandise to advertise!
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Our Largest End Of Summer Event!!!
There's no other way to kick off the upcoming season then having a STORE-WIDE Tent Sale!!! Our BIGGEST and BADDEST deals yet. It doesn't stop there! We have 30 days or MORE to liquidate all the merchandise from closing our other stores! That means you don't stop shopping until there's nothing else to buy!! Blowout sales through the roof!!! Don't miss out on this great opportunity to save save SAVE!!!
All sale prices are custom to change - unclaimed freight company cannot be held responsible for any typographical errors. - Management
Just to let you in on a little secret,
Single Night Stand | In Every Color & Style
Retail Price: $249.99 | Cash Price: $99.95 | Tent Sale Price: $19.95
Retail Price: $249.95 | Cash Price: $ 199.95
Tent Sale Price: $24.95
Retail Price: $699.95 | Cash Price: $399.95 | Tent Sale Price: $200.00
Tent Sale Price: $5.00
Throw Pillows
Various Colors & Styles

Loveseat | Tan
Stationary Chair
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